Doctors Experiencing Pain Promises Online Community-Based Treatment for Pain Doctors Experience Professionally

By:  R. Alan Coppock


Launching in July 19, 2017, will be the Online Membership Community to discuss the pace and pain of change in their professional practice of Medicine.  Broad topics for discussion inside the community will include:


  • EMR Implementation – Pain, Price, and Promise
  • Pace and Scope of Change in Healthcare and the process of Adapting
  • Compliance with applicable Laws and Regulations regarding Compensation in the Employment model
  • Tuition Forgiveness opportunities and what the current market is offering
  • Population Health initiatives and Value vs. Volume as triggers for reimbursement – What is working, what is not?  What improvements can and should be made?
  • Value-Based Purchasing and Accountable Care
  • Collaboration and Cooperation across the Continuum of Care
  • Best Practices and Improving Outcomes for Patients


The Providerbay team will then produce weekly podcast episodes available for auto-download to members and non-members alike that promote the value of the Online Community and will give insight to the discussion topics that are occurring inside, ultimately helping to influence the public discourse on behalf of physicians and mid-level providers.


The success of as an online membership community will give providers a voice in Public Policy in solving our Healthcare Challenges together.  If you are interested in following our progress, click HERE to register your name and email address to receive our newsletter and the most up to date information about Providerbay.