Healthcare Vendor – So, You Want to Sell to Hospitals and Physicians?

How an Online Membership Community May Open a New Sales Channel for Innovators 

By:  Alan Coppock, Founder


Launching in early August, is an online membership community for current and future senior executives of Hospitals and Healthcare organizations.  Hospitals and Healthcare organizations are preparing for the future payment system that is based more in Value than Volume.

What is Value?

Value has two primary components:  

  1. Improving Outcomes and
  2. Reducing Costs

So the question to you Ms/Mr Vendor….What do you have or what are you developing right now that will enhance the Value of hospitals and physicians in the next 2-5 years?  If you can answer that question with a robust and confident list, then Hospitals and Physicians NEED you.  But they don’t need you as a “traditional” vendor…they need you as a PARTNER.  Are you ready to be that Partner to America’s Healthcare System? is the launch point for three new Online Membership Communities coming in July and August of 2017.  One of the major focuses for these sites will be highlighting and promoting Innovators who will be Partners to Healthcare in the next 2-5 years.  We call these organizations and individuals our “Value Partners”.  As we develop our Membership in the communities, we will invite these Value Partners into the communities, into the secure area, to identify, describe, and advocate for your Innovations.

Our Value Partners will have the benefit of getting their solutions in front of the very audiences who need to see and hear about what you are doing.  We will limit the number of Value Partners in each community to no more than 20.  The Value Partners will pay a modest monthly fee for access and will develop Video content for the member area that is well-suited for describing the Value you bring.

If you are interested in following our progress and you think you may well be one of our future Value Partners, click HERE to register your name and email address to receive our newsletter and the most up to date information about our online communitites.