Pardon the Interruption – Physician Recruiting

How Online Membership Communities Could Lower Healthcare Costs and Interrupt an Entire Recruitment Industry

By:  R. Alan Coppock, M.Ed., MBA, FACHE


Healthcare Costs Must Go Down!!!  One area to scrutinize is the cost of recruiting physicians.  Hospitals could spend $50,000 or more to recruit one doctor into their community and onto their medical staff.  That is a fairly typical fee of a firm that attempts to fill vacancies for hospitals. Does that make sense?  Could there be a better way? will launch in July 19, 2017.  This will be an online membership community for physicians and other licensed providers.  These providers will pay a moderate fee for membership into the community to access content that will be relevant and timely to the issues they face on a daily basis.  Companies will be invited to subscribe to the community as well to promote available positions and deliver compelling cases for providers to consider their opportunities.


Providers inside the community will be encouraged to discuss opportunities, working conditions, new trends, things that motivate and things that frustrate them… all via Discussion Forum.  In essence, Providers will be empowered in ways they have not been before.  


As the paying membership grows inside the community, organizations will be invited to Strategically Partner with to spotlight their open opportunities and positions.  For a very nominal monthly fee, these organizations will compete for the members’ attention as they explain the benefit of their opportunities.


The Providerbay approach will put the physicians and other providers back in the driver seat after many of them have felt de-valued and unappreciated in the traditional recruitment model.  We would love to have you join us!  For email updates and to follow the progress of our coming Launch, go to