Our Products

Pastured Broilers

Here at KHF we pride ourselves in producing the most nutrient dense, most delicious chicken on earth! We use a pasture based model for our broilers. These birds spend the first 2 weeks of their life in a brooder and then it’s on to green pastures! We finish these birds in 8 weeks in pastured pens that are moved everyday to clean new grass. The birds are also supplemented with a locally grown NON-GMO grain mix. We have found here at KHF, if grass and sunshine are the basis of your production model, there is no need for antibiotics and the birds will thrive.

Pastured Pork

Here at KHF our pigs are raised to express their God given traits. We currently don’t farrow any piglets but buy newly weaned 6 week old pigs. They go straight to pastured wood lots and are moved every 7-10 days to prevent destruction and erosion and prevent an odor. This is quite a different model than convention pork operations. Our pigs don’t suffer from crowding stress, they get to dig and wallow and live like God intended. Our pigs are also supplemented free choice with a locally grown NON-GMO feed mix.

Raw Honey

Here at KHF, we have a very low in-put system for our honey bees. All of our bees were raised locally and tolerate our climates very well. We do treat for mites in the fall. However, we use a nontoxic essential oil based treatment.

Pastured Eggs

Here at KHF we really enjoy the difference of an egg that was produced by a HAPPY pastured hen. Our eggs are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids which add significant character to the yolk. When you try our eggs, you certainly won’t regret it. And our oldest son Gabe, also offers the commercial style white eggs for sale but his hens are also rotated on a pasture based model. He is becoming quite the chicken expert!

Pastured Turkeys

This is a seasonal project at KHF. We raise our turkeys just like our pastured broilers- plenty of grass and sunshine. They birds are processed in the fall and ready just in time for thanksgiving and Christmas! They are also supplemented with a locally grown NON-GMO feed mix.

Things to Look for at KHF

Pasture raised and fully finished beef

Small self pick orchard with over 10 varieties of apples

Small self pick vineyard with 2 varieties of grapes and 2 varieties of muscidines

Market garden greenhouse- specifically tomatoes


Currently ordering is done by a personal response in regard to farm products.  To be incompliance with state regulations, all meat products are sold as a preordered and live product. Buyers have the option of a free/ complimentary processing of poultry products. Beef and pork products will be sold live and delivered by the seller to the processing facility of the buyer’s choice within 50 miles of the farm.

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