The “Uber” Effect on Physician and Executive Recruitment

How Online Membership Communities May Impact Physician and Executive Recruitment in a Similar Way as Uber Impacted Taxi Services

By:  Alan Coppock, M.ED, MBA, FACHE


I love living, working, and raising a family in rural Kentucky.  But, as a result, I had only heard about Uber, I had not experienced it directly for myself…that is until mid-June.  I was with my family in Orlando for our daughter’s travel volleyball team competing at Nationals.  I had to catch a flight early on Sunday morning back to Kentucky to be at work on Monday morning.  The front desk of our hotel told me my best bet was to call an Uber car and they gave me a discount code, hand-written on the back of a business card.


I promptly went to and signed up for an account.  The User Interface was absolutely flawless and so smooth that I actually enjoyed signing up for my account.  After sign up and verification, which took only a few hours, I was ready to schedule my early morning trip to the airport, i.e. Orlando Sanford International…that’s the smaller airport north of the city.  I must disclose at this point my hotel was 39 miles away from the airport.  In previous travel, I would expect to pay $60-$100 for the transport, given traditional taxi/limo options.


On the day of the trip, I was up at 3:45a for my 4:30a pickup and 6:30a flight.  My phone alerted me at 4:20a and I was able to see all the Uber cars within a few blocks of my current location.  At 4:25a, I received another alert telling my driver’s name and the color/make/model of the car he was driving…OK…Now I truly am impressed.


The ride to the airport was smooth and I made a new friend.  My Uber driver had been in the US for only about 18 months.  He was 29 years old and came here from Argentina.  My cost to travel the 39 miles was $41.50 but my hotel discount was applied for $20, so the true billing cost was only $21.50…AMAZING.


Beginning in the summer of 2017, and will launch.  These “Online Membership Communities” for Healthcare Providers and Senior Leaders, could actually have a similar impact on the Recruitment Industry as Uber has had on Taxi Service.  Clearly, Uber has given it’s customers a high quality, less expensive alternative to getting from point A to point B and these new online community resources could actually facilitate a physician and a hospital an alternative to the high price of the Recruiter, which could be $50K or more per placement.


The Providerbay approach will put the physicians, executives, and other providers back in the driver seat after many of them have felt devalued and unappreciated in the traditional  “Recruiter” model.  We would love to have you join us!  For email updates and to follow the progress of our coming Launch, go to